SG Hairpain
Formed Winding Flat Motor

The Hairpin shaped winding flat motor is independently developed by the Shun Driving Force R&D team and planned to be mass-produced in mid-2022.
The SG series of flat wire forming windings are axially embedded, with high slot filling rate and short winding ends. The SG motor has higher efficiency and can adapt to more transmission systems of different powers; its raw material cost is low, and the supplier system is mature. It’s current mass production equipment is relatively mature. In particular, it has low production line investment, and high production efficiency.

Product introduction  >
  • Casing inner sleeve

  • stator winding

  • Insulating support

  • Rotor core lamination

  • Insulating framework

  • Split core

  • Insulating framework

  • High pressure components

  • Slip ring

  • Permanent magnet steel

  • SG290/55

  • SG270/77

Effective length
Alternating current
Busbar voltage
Peak torque (10s)
Peak power (10s)

Effective length
Alternating current
Busbar voltage
Peak torque (10s)
Peak power (10s)


Higher slot full rate and higher efficiency

Under the same power, it smaller size, less materials, and lower cost

Parallel slots reduce iron core saturation, reduce iron loss, and improve efficiency

Flat wire motor has better rigidity and noise suppression

Oil injection cooling at the end of the stator improves power density and torque density

Customer revenue

The torque can be expanded by changing the diameter/length

Flexible supply method, can provide complete machine or stator and rotor parts

Vibration and noise can be suppressed and optimized

Local development team, fast and flexible customer support

High product consistency

Suitable for moderate hybrid and strong hybrid vehicles

  • R & D strength
  • Core process
  • Manufacturing

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    High efficiency / Low losses

    Double/Multi-magnet layout has advantage to decrease the harmonic core losses

    PIN flat wire can increase remarkably the slot factor

    Multi-PIN design(6-8PIN)depress the skin and proximity effect

    High flat ratio design for high efficiency at speed area

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    Small Torque ripple Low Noise

    Double/Multi-magnet layout have good chance to reduce tangential / radial force fluctuation

    Short pitch winding strongly decrease 6P torque ripple

    V-Step skewing can efficiently reduce acoustic noise

    Harmonic slot design on the surface of rotor

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    Genetic Algorithm optimization

    EMAG Genetic Algorithm Optimizer(EGAO):

    Interface to FEA software

    Capable for handling thousands of generations

    The old population will be compared with the new population (after crossover, mutate, migrate…), the best cases will be selected

  • 4.png

    Round and hot

    Preheating, round and hot set technology integration

    The of the induction heating system

    Induction heating system is precision

    Roundness pressure equipment control system

    Customized into a circular grinding tool

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    Winding machine

    Automatic feeding system

    The size of the insulation frame and tension on-line control

    Insulation frame fracture prevention design

  • 未标题-8.png

    Potting system

    High quality, high precision control of the glue system

    Vacuum potting material and good traffi

    Preparation and automatic feeding system 24 hours a day

    The vacuum potting process control, ensure no bubble

    The data records of the all process is can be traced

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    The area and the investment

    The area of the first phase of production base: 16000 m²

    Investment: 750 million

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    Advanced production line

    The stability of the production line has been verified by the German Schaeffler Electric Drive Module Project

    Production line automation reaches 90%

    The import rate of production line equipment reaches 80%

    The production line has produced more than 10,000 products, the yield rate reached 99%, and customer complaints were 0%

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    Capacity planning

    capacity of phase I:

    Production cycle:10.8 min

    Capacity:40,000 units/year

    SOP achieved

    Planning capacity for the second phase:

    Capacity:100,000 units/year

    Expected to achieve SOP in 2021