Secretary of Haimen Municipal Party Committee inspects Shunqu Power

On June 9, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Chen Yong led a team to Shunqu Haimen Company for investigation. Jiang Yongjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Party Committee Office, and Deputy Mayor Jiang Yong accompanied the inspection. After listening to the introduction of Shunqu development and landing in Haimen, Secretary Chen Yong asked in detail about our company's operation and project development progress. After learning that Shunqu completed the decoration of the plant and the installation and commissioning of the production line in less than half a year, and won the SAIC-GM Wuling and Chery projects, Secretary Chen Yong highly affirmed the efforts of the Shunqu team. At the same time, Secretary Chen Yong stated that as one of Haimen’s key projects, Shunqu’s achievements have played an important role in the Haimen Economic Development Zone. He urged relevant departments to attach great importance to the future development of Shunqu and implement existing policies while ensuring that Shunqu's development in Haimen can receive the greatest support from various government departments.


Subsequently, accompanied by Deputy General Manager Zhang Lipeng, Secretary Chen Yong and his entourage visited the Shunqu dust-free production workshop to learn more about the operation and commissioning of the production equipment. At present, the automation rate of the Shunqu production line can reach 99%, and the yield rate is 99%. Secretary Chen Yong praised our company's advanced production equipment and excellent working environment, and express thankfulness to settled the Shunqu project in Haimen to promote local employment and economic development in Haimen.


Secretary Chen Yong stated that Shun Drive, as a key backbone enterprise in the Haimen Economic and Technological Development Zone, requires relevant departments to do a good job of service and provide strong support for Shun Drive’s development in Haimen. Secretary Chen Yong appreciated and supported Shunqu's insistence on taking the road of a strong enterprise through science and technology, and encouraged Shunqu to give full play to its advantages and move towards the enterprise goal of 500 million yuan and 1 billion yuan. Secretary Chen Yong's attention to the development of Shunqu has made Shunqu people feel the eager care of the Haimen Municipal Government. All the employees are encouraged and strengthen their confidence in taking root in Haimen and deepening Haimen.


The design of the new product prototype A is completed and delivered to the customer smoothly